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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
Yes their incompetence is what brought them to own 90% of the market share.

Oh and ya Microsoft is such an evil company that they give away tons of money each year to charities. Apple gives $0.00 each year to charities and has been nominated as the least generous company.

Apple has become worse than Microsoft. I wouldn't buy their stuff but they make some really great products.

So don't go hating on Microsoft while saying Apple is an angel.
1) They are incompetent... you can get past that fact (search for MS leaked code and laugh)

2) Basing your judgement of a company on donation to charities? So you are one of the people that would think that a company is "good" by seeing them buying carbon offsets? It's like thinking that a company pouring toxic waste into a lake BUT giving money to a soup kitchen is -somehow- good. Non-sense.

3) It's a company, why the -hell- would they have to give money to charities. If employees want to give their own personal money to charity organisations, let them do so but never expect a company to do so. If they do imo it's just for the image and make a few percentage of the typical retarded North American buyer feel better about buying their products. Again, non-sense.

4) I have all the reasons to hate MS and non to hate apple from -my point of view-. From a software guys pov, they are using a damn *BSD kernel which is about the best thing they can use, they got 95% of their stuff open source, they code effin well, their GUI is awesome, you can compile about anything posix on it, they are perfectionnist and don't try to make everybody happy at the same time with their stuff which give you a real product and not a mashup of ****, their libraries and sdk are godlike even for nubcakes (see cocoa), they think outside the box and are always WAY before everybody else in about everything they do and the most important is that they have effin STANDARDS which 90% of the company lacks today.

MS on the other hands has about 0 of the above making everything they do laughable.
"NIX is a classic example of security through obscurity because there is no real monetary reward for crackers and hackers to break Linix" -AkG
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