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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
... Publishers just can't seem to understand you just need to make a GOOD game and people will buy it - at least on PC anyways. Of course people are going to pirate anyways because there is just scum that don't pay for anything anyways, but you make a quality product and you will get sales.

Actually I can think of one company that has, CD Projekt, the makers of The Witcher. Well I guess Atari was the publisher on this side of the Atlantic, but either way, they made a good game and it sold well. I believe they sold over 1.5 million copies, and they had only basic DRM. Then on their 1.5 patch they completely removed the DRM. And yet they still sell it, I wonder why? Oh yea, it is a good game.

That alone is proof that you don't need DRM to sell your games, you need to make good games.
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