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Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post
I think AC2 IS a good game. I am playing it on PS3. It got rave reviews, was up for many GOTY awards and is pretty much unanimously regarded as a huge step forward from the first. Yet... pirates are hard at work cracking its DRM. Don't get me wrong I am not defending Ubisoft nor am I fond of DRM.. but the "just make a good game" argument is a very weak excuse for piracy.
Of course the DRM is going to be cracked. There will be piracy no matter how good the game is, how much it sells, or what kind of copy protection it has. The real question is whether or not the developer will make money off the game. If a game is to be successful, it has to be good. You can't stop piracy. What you can do is make sure that your game sells more copies by making it actually worth paying for.

There are pirates who will steal a game no matter what. There are fanboys who will buy the game no matter what. You can't sell anything to the first group. You don't have to try with the second. What developers and publishers have to focus on is the group of people who care enough to actually buy games if they turn out to be any good. The only thing DRM does is drive those people away.
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