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Test Results:

4-4-4 – 1.9v – 412Mhz

4-4-4 – 2.0v – 419Mhz

4-4-4 – 2.1v – 422Mhz


5-5-5 – 1.9v – 550Mhz

5-5-5 – 2.0v – 557Mhz

5-5-5 – 2.1v – 558Mhz



Observations and Impressions

Well first off let me say that I am pleased with the results of this mem. Although it doesn't scale as well as some of the older 2GB microns out there, it runs at high speeds at low voltages. A reasonable cost makes this a great option for your gaming or 64 bit pcs. A few observations I made when testing are as follows:
  • When dropping trcd and trp I would lose almost 100 mhz at 5-5-5 so it was not worth the mhz loss. At 4-4-4 dropping trcd/trp to 4-3-3 put clocks down below 350Mhz thus this mem performs best at 5-5-5 and 4-4-4. You can tighten trp a bit but I didnt see a difference in performance in doing so.
  • tREF at its highest value (16383) was best for performance.
  • 2.0v seems about ideal vdimm for these sticks although they are spec at 2.1v. Some sticks will respond better to 2.1v that others.
  • trfc has a big impact on clocks. Ideal for 5-5-5 trfc was best at 52, but tighter timings allows tighter trfc, ie 4-4-4 can run 44 trfc.
  • The EPP profiles are bang on and give a good starting point for tweeking.

Availability and Pricing:

NCIX: $170 CAD
Direct Canada: $158 CAD

Well that is it, post questions if you have em. :)
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