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Default Mushkin 4GB XP2-8000 – Return of Redline!

Mushkin 4GB XP2-8000 – Return of Redline!

Yes you heard it right, Redline is back with a new 4GB kit flavour!

Mushkin 2x2GB DDR2-1000 XP2 Redline CL5-5-5-15 @ 2.1V

For the few of you that don’t know, Redline is a product of Mushkin’s exclusive EPIC (Enhanced Performance IC) selection process and is Mushkin’s flagship mem.

That being said, here is your Mushkin 4GB XP2-8000 Redline (part 996593) test report:

Test Bed
Testing Methodology
Test Results
Testing Summary
Observations and Impressions
Availability and Pricing

Frequency: DDR1000 (500Mhz)
Latency: CL5-5-5-12
Voltage: 2.1v
Pins: 240
Parity: Unbuffered
Chips: I can’t comment on the chips quite yet.

The XP2-8000 uses the new FrostByte™ (red) Redline heatspreader and comes with Mushkin’s new packaging.

You will probably notice that the spreaders use the old BH-5 style clips, but the new style spreaders. I thinking that this style clip gives better chip to spreader contact than the top clip style in some older DDR2 kits.


Test Bed
This time for testing, I am using a Q6600 setup with ASUS P5K vanilla (P35). I am also doing all tests on Vista 64 bit this time so we can see stability for all 4GB of RAM.

Full system specs are as follows:
  • ASUS P5K
  • Q6600
  • XFX GeForce 8600GT @ stock
  • Mushkin XP-650
  • Windows Vista, 64bit, untweaked
  • CPU Cooling - Custom H20 and stock cooler on the NB
  • RAM Cooling – 120mm Panaflo

Testing methodology:
For stability I will run two instances of HCI Memtest and 32M at the same time. Vista uses 1GB, Memtest 2GB and PI a little more, giving over 80% mem usage. HCI Memtest is very good for picking up mem errors and I have found that 200% (about 30 minutes) and a 32M at the same time is sufficient for this report.

For the purposes of this review, I am going to test 4-3-3, 4-4-4, and 5-5-5 using 1.9v, 2.0v, and 2.1v for the mem.

The kit I am testing came from Mushkin directly and was provided my Brian Flood, Head of Mushkin R&D. Brian assured me that the kit I was sent was pulled randomly from the retail kits and was not cherry picked.

Benches used:
Super PI v1.5 (32M)

Memset 3.3
HCI Memtest
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