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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Just headed to the local computer shop ready to buy the trusty 1TB Western Digital Black WD1001FALS drive to use for some quick storage (non-OS drive).

Got in there, and the store employee mentioned the new version: WD1002FAEX . This caused me great stress trying to decide (kidding ).

From my quick research done while in the store, these were the differences:

FALS: 32 MB cache, Sata2, often three 333GB platters (not sure if newer ones are that size though)

FAEX: 64MB cache, Sata3, and the new 'dual arm tech' pioneered by the WD Black 2TB drive, and two 500GB platters

The FAEX was only $5 more than the FALS, so I got the new version. I checked Newegg and other forums for people complaining about issues with this model, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I have paid no attention to the Sata3 feature, but I am wondering if there is any real advantage to the new FAEX over the FALS?

Couple of reviews I found:
PC Perspective - Western Digital SATA 6Gb/sec 1TB Caviar Black (WD1002FAEX) Review
Western Digital's 6Gbps Caviar Black 1TB hard drive - The Tech Report - Page 1
FAEX would be my choice if I was ever going to buy a WD Black. I prefer Green drives for storage, though, so WD Green WDxxEARS or Samsung EcoGreens but that's just me. For OS, I would like to get a SSD. If buying a WD Black, 1TB, I would choose the FAEX since it's a 're-design' and only 2 platters. 'Don't really care about the SATA 3 at this point, though.
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