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HAF 932 can fit multiple rads in different areas.
Cosmos S is my next choice, I believe it is wider than the HAF 932, so you could fit a triple rad up top without worrying too much about the first couple 5 1/4" spots, with the HAF, a triple rad extends a bit inside so you'll loose one or two of those bays.

Like others have said, Silverstone TJ07, one of the best water cooling cases ever, it's few years old but it's still being used by many. Or you can say "the best a man can get" :p..

800D definitely a very good case, unfortunately out of the box, the air flow needs improvement, so you'll need fans that push more air, and might also need to change the direction the air blows on some fans too. Also if you're thinking of putting the pump in the lower compartment, it's probably the best thing that Corsair did, but it is a little tricky, it has been done my lots of people already, but it is still tricky, tube routing is what is tricky. But if you can afford, go for it.

The ATCS is also a very nice case, the sliding mobo tray is a big + to it, so if your mobo fails, then you can just disconnect everything from the mobo, and just pull it out, instead of unscrewing all the screws.

If you can still find a Tagan Black Pearl around, it's just a cheaper version of the Lian Li V2000, looks very similar to the TJ07 and also has enough space at the bottom to fit 2 rads at least, back lets say 6 months ago, the case was averaging around $230.

My choices in order of price (rough guessing off the top of my head) HAF 932, Cosmos S, ATCS, 800D, TJ07. I believe TJ07 is still above $300. Personally I would go for a Cosmos S, it's a very nice case really. Clean looks.. Awesome stuff.
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