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Default Thread revival ...

Hey guys, I'm reviving this thread because I have an update to might interest members who are looking into using the Ion platform for HTPC purposes.

Earlier in this thread, I reported choppy playback of Flash videos with the Ion ITX-G-E motherboard.

Well, in part because of Arinoth, I decided to give the Ion platform another shot at HTPC duties. Here are my conclusions.

Current specs:
- Zotac Ion ITX-G-E (Atom 330) @ 1.6ghz
- Mushkin XP2-8500 @ 800mhz
- Vertex 30gb SSD drive
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
- nVidia 197.45 WHQL video drivers / 15.51 WHQL chipset drivers / WHQL audio drivers (all the latest)
- Flash 10.1 RC2

With the above setup:
720p Youtube Flash media playback : flawless
1080p Youtube Flash media playback : Almost flawless
720p - 1080p media with Media Player Classic (ie: .avi, rips, etc) : flawless

I still think the chip is a little underpowered on the desktop (ie. heavily using iTunes shows some of the chip's weakness) but I am switching back to the Ion platform for HTPC duties.

Thanks Arinoth!

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