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Originally Posted by icodeit View Post
Okay so I'm very confused at the moment.

Here is the deal, I'm going with an e8400 processor and Asus P5K-E wifi board.

What I can't figure out is what is better to go with DDR2 800mhz 6400 or DDR2 1066mhz 8500.

I find it very confusing since 6400 is more readily availble however in specs the 8500+ seem run faster.

I'm not a big overclocker, only mild when my machine ages a little.
Seeing as Tigerdirect has good deal on 6400 Crosair Twinx I'm kind of leaning that way. However it will be a while before I upgrade again.
Unless you plan to overclock 800mhz memory is perfectly fine for you cause even if you do overclock it you can still maintain a 1:1 ratio with FSB:RAM with 800mhz.

If your thinking of overclocking then the 1066 will be better.
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