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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
The 12V CPU connector on my SS X750 isn't long enough to reach behind the mobo tray and get to the connector in the corner. So it hangs over my motherboard and it really takes away from getting to pristine cable management.

So I was wondering, could I cut the cables in the middle and solder extension wires of same thickness without affecting the electrical integrity of the wire?
Or should I extend the wires from one end of the connectors?

I don't wanna buy one of those NZXT extensions for a few reasons:
I don't have much room behind my mobo tray.
I plan on sleeving my cables white, don't want to have to bleach the extension cables and re-sleeve it white. (NZXT cheats and uses average black sleeving on black wires)

I don't think I should have much problems soldering the wires, except for the uneven bumps I'll find after sleeving, but I was wondering if anybody has done this before or knows anything about this.
I have done this several times without issue to get cables to reach in large cases... just make sure extension wires are the same gauge and the joints are well insulated... I used regular electrical tape and just tucked the spliced joints behind the mobo tray where you can't see them...
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