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It's been some time since I last updated this log, as not much has happened. I have yet to post the window-mod so Ill start with that. When doing a reverse/upside-down ATX mod on the TJ07, you need to buy the model without a window, and make your own, as you switch the motherboard tray from the right side, to the left side and upside down. I also decided to make the window more semetricle, and align with the bottom grill. I personally think that it looks better. A stock TJ07 window, only goes about 3/4 of what is shown here.

My window mod:

With the case partially assembled. I still need to mount one more fan at the bottom, to keep up with the semetricle look.

Some of you may know what this is and if you do, keep quite This is pretty much the focal point in the case. This little piece of cardboard went to Germany today

A little dark in this next shot, but I need to get all the tubes running down here. Those 90* barbs are going into the BitsPower Rotaries on the other rad. I used Rotaries to make a 90* bend, as it wont restrict flow at all, as it is a nice round curve.

And to stop things for now (I know, not much of an update... more to come) here is how I leak test all my fittings for internal o-ring errors. Sometimes, the internal o-rings on the fittings fail.

Thats it for now!
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