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Originally Posted by Ugly n Grey View Post
Given what we know about SLI and Crossfire scaling the OP's hypothesis on speed at this point don't fly in my opinion. To add to it, no one seems to be struggling getting 3870 cores into some pretty phenomenal OC's with a little tweaking. Let's put it in perspective though, I personally can't tell the difference between the 5-10 per cent that seems to separate cards these days so I think the primary argument will be as werty says in his post - one of price and availability with each fanboy camp sticking to themselves.
That's true, likely a lot of fanboys will buy their favourite brand whether it's a better deal or not.

Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Crysis is one of the most over-hyped pieces of crap to ever disgrace the gaming scene. It is so poorly optimised that there is no way it should be considered the definitive gaming benchmark. The fact that even 8800ultra SLI can't play it smoothly is ridiculous. The game is not that good that it should be basically unplayable by current high end PC's. It doesn't even run multiple core CPU's properly like it is stated it can. The game is a joke, period.
I is a good tech demo though. But hey, 3DMark shouldn't be considered a definitive gaming benchmark either, but it's rare that there's a review without it. Same for Crysis.
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