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Default Analytic cooler for the best buy of Intel Micro ATX with Core i3-530

In the past as far as built-in GPU platforms were concerned, Intel usually used “G Series” to name its products.
G45 or G41 as Intel’s main chipset were commonly seen in the market in the last generation.
At the beginning of 2010, Intel released new “All in one PC” structure, and firstly introduced the new technology that GPU was directly built in the CPU.

Moreover, Intel improved its CPU to 32nm process, and also released a series of CPUs that support the platform.
At present, there are 6 CPUs in the market: low-level Pentium G6950; mid-level Core i3 530/540; and high-level Core i5 650/660/661/670.
As to MB chipset, Intel released H55/H57 to support new CPU design, and the main difference was with and without RAID function.

Therefore, this time I am going to build a Micro ATX PC based upon Intel’s new structure.

As to CPU:
I choose Intel Core i3 530, with 73W and the latest 32nm process.
The code name is Clarkdale, with clock 2.93GHz, L2 2 x 256KB and L3 4MB. The price was about USD about 120.
The OEM coolers of Clarkdale series are all non-copper bottom design, so I infer that copper bottom is not definitely necessary for dual-core CPU with 32nm.

The main difference between Core i3 530 and Pentium G6950 is that the former supports HT technology;
higher-level Clarkdale i5 also supports TurboBoost auto-overclocking technology.

As to DRAM:
I choose American brand CORSAIR TWIN3X4G-1333C9A.
Its capacity is 2GB X 2, and the clock 1333 CL9 9-9-24 1.50V. The price is about USD about 75.

CORSAIR has unique DDR3 heat sink, and the appearance and quality are also good.

As to MB:
I use H55 chipset—BIOSTAR H55 HD, with higher C/P.
There are no whole solid capacitors, no USB3, and no sumptuous material on this mothboard,
but the price of the product is the lowest in H55 market, about USD 57.
BIOSTAR has another TH55B HD, with 4 DIMM DDR3 and high C/P, and the price is only USD 90.

Recently BIOSTAR seems to like using red as material colour, making products more impressive.

If this H55 MB can adopt Japanese electrolytic capacitors, I think this product can be more perfect.

As to Power Supply:
Judging from Intel’s latest 32nm platform, because of built-in GPU, I observe the power consumption of the whole system is low.
Antec’s latest Neo ECO 400W is chosen, so the power supply will be enough to add VGA card higher than mid-level.
The price is about USD about 55.

The power supply uses Japanese high-performance capacitors and quiet 12-centimetre fan with 2 Ball Bearing; this product is also 80 PLUS certified.

Test Platform:
CPU: Intel Core i3 530 ES
VGA: Intel Clarkdale 733MHz
HD: WD 6400AAKS 640GB
POWER: Antec Neo ECO 400W
Cooler: Intel OEM Cooler
OS: Windows7 Ultimate 64bit
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