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Default sound card question

ok so a while back i cannibalized my brother's pc before he sold it, and took the old SB Audigy LS from it to plug into my rig, as I had been using onboard.

While I did notice a slight improvement in power output from my Logitech z-2300's, I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to something else? If so, what should I upgrade to? Will there be a significant increase in the output?

I remember there only being Soundblaster back in the day (SB16 come back!)...and now I see there are so many more choices lol. I remember when I bought the Audigy LS, the increase in power was so tremendous I wondered how I had ever used onboard...but, when I plugged it into my current rig, it was...minimal.

I'd use it primarily for gaming and watching movies and listening to music. I do switch back and forth from my z-2300's and my Bose headset.
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