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Last I read (which was a long time ago) is that there is (among the better fluids) little enough of a difference to be considered negligible. AFAIK straight up water is the best performance wise, but it's not available in pretty colours and is conducive to algae growth. But you can get additives to remedy both of those. If you do't want to be bothered with making your own concoction then buy a bottle of whatever 'look nice' and never mind the "non conductive" babble unless you're submersing your system in it. Or you could go to crappy tire and but some glycol (mix it 15%) and have enough to last the next 10 years for probably less than $10... if you like green.

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Would there be a benefit to mounting my board upside down?

[edit] forgot to add that if you're going to use water, use distilled as mentioned above. I think it's ~$1.49 for 4L at the grocery store.
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