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Default What is the best water cooling liquid to use?

I was ordering some Coolermaster Aquagate NC-1 Liquid Coolant from as i have A Coolermaster Aquagate but it has been "unexpectedly discontinued" and now i am not sure what liquid coolant would be the best to use. I was thinking Primochill PC Ice NON-CONDUCTIVE Water Replacement 32OZ - Clear , but i am really unsure what would be the best.
Here is what is in my loop

Swiftech APOGEE GTZ LGA775 CPU Water Block
Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT UV Blue tubing
Coolermaster Aquagate ALC-U01 LCU

Other components
Asus P5K64 ws mobo
Stacker STC-T01 case

In addition to this i have two other questions
Would there be a benefit to mounting my board upside down?
The tubing is 3/8 diameter while the quick connects on the Aquagate is 1/4 diameter
Will i notice any performance decrease?

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