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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
This is not true, it is a myth.

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 use all available cores during boot up. The only thing this setting does is determine the maximum amount of processors/cores. So basically you can set it to 2 on a quad system and it will only use 2. But if you do not check it, it will still use all the processors/cores you have.

Tweaking Myth: Decrease boot time with msconfig - Within Windows

Myth: Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Up Time

Can a ?Secret? CPU Setting Really Improve Boot-up Time? TuneUp Blog about Windows

There supposedly was an article on the Microsoft KB (KB959233) that said Windows was only using 1 core. This article was removed due to the fact that the statement was false. This setting is really only there as a debug option. Also one other reason not to do it, is the fact that some people have reported major issues just booting after setting this.

Awesome! Thankyou. I actually spent a lot of time this afternoon trying to find anything at all on this; and I could not. I did not use the term "myth" in my search and so I actually couldnt really come up with anything to say there was anything wrong with the feature.

I had also read about it on technet so I figured it was totally safe.

Anyways, maybe i should change the title of my thread to HOW NOT to speed up windows 7? hahaha
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