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Default Win 7 64x 5gb Ram MCE, What Tuner Card?

Hey guys, I googled something about "Shaw digital cable" and "what tuner card" and found this forum, so I figure i'll post up my question.

Anyways, I have shaw digital cable, and have a PVR, it is going to be moving upstair's and is going to be replaced with an HD PVR. I'd like to get a tuner card in my PC that way I can watch/record my own personal T.V shows on my PC, or use MCE and stream it to my xbox in my basement.

Does ClearQAM mean it can decode the digital signal? Ive read some forum posts and whatnot from like 06' or 07' talking about how no current cards can receive digital signals, is this still an issue? I am with shaw digital, and as far as I know all T.V signal's/channels in canada now are digital.

Also, does the card have to be listed as a DVR, I thought MCE (Media Centre) is the one that actually does the recording? If thats the case, any tv tuner card can be a dvr? (dual tuner's would be better of course...)

Would it be possible for anyone to recommend a card that will suit my needs? (Dual tuner, excellent picture quality, able to decode digital signal) Preferably around the 60-80 dollar range, preferrably on or tigerdirect etc...

Edit: If this is the wrong forum to be asking this question, or if there is a better one to ask it on, could you please point me in the right direction?
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