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Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
I have bought a few online E-textbooks. Saved around $50 for one online version; cost me $120+- (Though I wound up wasting that much on ink when I printed it out to study). The other few I have bought Chapter by Chapter so I only spent about $30-$50 for what I need out of the book.

As far as prices go you spend about the same as a used textbook.

The biggest problem - You can't resell online text books. (Unless you crack the DRM) Buying used textbooks you can always sell them again for around the same price you pay if you don't destroy them.

I've stopped buying them unless I can do it chapter by chapter because I actually find it difficult to read and retain information from a computer screen, vs. actual paper.

That is a huge disappointment; I have not used E-books, and I did not know that you could not transfer the file.

I know that I sold most of my books to help pay for I mean more texts next semester; I kept some thinking that I would like to use them, and I could not tell you where they are as I have moved too many times and they are probably sitting in an attic in NF somewhere. I should have just sold them for more...books.

If the files are not transferrable and I cannot sell them to another iPad/E-reader user, then the digital copy scenario is a fail for most except those with money to burn.

I would also think that telling a prof the day of the exam/assignment due date 'I did not get all my studying done because my iPad malfunctioned.'
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