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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
But for most classes it is perfect and reading all your text books on it without having to lug around 100lbs of books. Plus you save money buying the text books digitally. My brother spends about $800 a year on text books and would save money going with an iPad than buying a new laptop.
Might be off-topic a little, but how big is the price difference bewteen a college/university textbook that is print vs digital? How many books are available digital? Is the $800 price new or used?

The 6 years I went to university (well, I did 6 years of courses in 5 years), the vast majority of books I bought were used. I paid 50-60% of the new price. Only on 2-3 occasions did I have to buy the book new, and once was because I was slow looking for the book.

If the iPad can save money on texts, then I might change my stance on it if you can provide some more details as I might be in a position to pass this helpful info along.
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