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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Behemoth- View Post
Another problem, I can hardly see myself spend 600$+ for this AND like .. 60$ (?) a month for 3G. I wonder if a certain deal could be done like.. cellphone + iPad on the same contract or something like that..
Well you would have to do the same with ANY laptop so mute argument. Plus you can just tether with a smart phone like the iPhone.

There is a stand for it plus you can buy a keyboard made for the iPad.

Currently I am looking at either going for the iPad or either a 15" MacBook pro or a 15" asus gaming laptop. Might just go with the iPad because it is perfect for education unless you do engineering and need certain programs. But for most classes it is perfect and reading all your text books on it without having to lug around 100lbs of books. Plus you save money buying the text books digitally. My brother spends about $800 a year on text books and would save money going with an iPad than buying a new laptop. And you don't really need a laptop if you already have a gaming PC.

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