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I better not be disappointed when my HD 5870 arrives and I replace my GTX 260 Core 216 with it. I had a GTX 470 on pre-order, but I came across an HD 5870 for $360 shipped. I hope I don't regret that... Although, I suppose I could sell it at not much of a loss, if at all, and just reorder a 470.
You got a great deal for $360 shipped!!! HOW THE HELL could you be disapointed? The HD5870 is faster than GTX 470 in every review, but for a few exceptions...
Yukon, I was in the EXACT same situation of cancelling my Pre-order (GTX470 SC that I'd still be waiting for I guess). I picked a XFX HD5870 ($425 PMed) for replace my eVGA GTX260 Core216 superclocked.

The load times in BC2 is caused by the time it takes to load the shaders, but it's around 15 seconds on the first map you get on. Nothing to write home about. BTW, in the latest patch, DICE added some spawn time at the beginning of the map so everybody loads on time (before the game is over lol).

Seriously, I was getting 50-55 FPS (1680 X 1050, DX9c Win XP 32) in BC2 MP with the GTX260 (633 mhz core, don't remember memory) with MSAA X1, no AF, HBAO OFF and BLOOM off (in config), high settings. Now, I get around 90-110 FPS (rig in sig) at 1680 X 1050 DX11 Win7 64 bits (HBAO on, bloom on, MSAA X 2, AF X 2) everything on HIGH.

Idle temps = 38 degrees celsius. MAX temp ever reached in BC2 = 69 degrees celsius (fan on AUTO @ 30%). (all my fans on medium speed in Antec 300).

i7 4770K @ 4.0GHz / Corsair H100i / MSI Z97A Gaming 6 / 16GB Kingston Hyper X 1.5V 1600 / MSI GTX1070 FE / Samsung 850 Evo 500gb / Corsair Performance Pro 128GB SSD / Intel 520 120GB SSD / WD Black 640 GB storage / XFX 850 watts Black Edition PSU

ROG G53SX laptop: i7 2630QM / 12GB DDR3 / GTX560m 2GB / 750GB 7200rpm (14 000 3Dmarks06)
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