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The thing is, if you are using it for storage purposes, you'll hardly notice the difference
between a 32MB cache and a 16MB cache drive...

If you are installing programs on to it, go seagate.
I have two family members with the exact same computer with just differing 500GB HDD.
One is seagate 7200.11 and one is western 500 AAKS.
Starting windows and opening apps were faster, but by only couple seconds at the most.

FYI, the Seagate and Western both are quite silent, but I feel that Western is more quiet.
In addition, Western runs more cooler then seagate, but only by couple degrees difference from
what I can assess (with the sunbeam fan controller/heat sensor).

Silence, cooler operation, cheaper and just storage = Western
Performance and for programs = Seagate
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