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Default Users Thread Title Edits

After some deliberation, users will now be able edit their own thread titles. This includes the B/S/T section.

To change your thread title, use the "Edit" function exactly as you would when editing your thread message, and make the title adjustment from there. The change will be reflected externally in the thread listing.

We ask that you do not abuse this function and post misleading, flaming or derogatory titles with the expectation of changing them. Any misuse of this feature will be assessed the appropriate infraction points or temporary ban at the discretion of the moderation team.

A few simple ground rules (guidelines).
  • Outside of the B/S/T there is no reason to change thread titles repeatedly, or with every update you make. Simply adding an [UPDATED] tag to the end of the thread title if there is a new development or added information will suffice.
  • Please do not change thread titles to disinterest people in your topic. All threads posted here have the potential to be beneficial for someone else down the road. Just because your question or comment has been answered does not mean the topic is no longer relevant.
  • Changing a title to "Please Delete" "Please Lock This Thread" "Dumb Question" will be ignored and thread title reversed. If you wish to have a thread deleted, locked etc. report your thread or PM a member of the moderation team.

Note that the mod squad has a record of all changes made to thread titles....they will catch you.

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