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I am in BC Canada and i intend to purchase my stuff online from the best deal provider and through price matches.

Yeah, a local store told me my motherboard probably is the culprit. Here's what happened exactly and here's what i have or so i think, it's been a long while since i built it. A DFI nforce 4 lanparty board, athlon xp 2700 i think but not sure clocked a little through the nforce system, 1 gig of corsair xm.s platinum ddr not sure ram, 480watt enermax noisetaker, leadtek winfast px6600gt video card and seagate barracuda 160g hd .

My system failed to boot a couple of days ago and i had no keyboard control in the bios or anywhere. I switched over to an old school round pin keyboard and was able to try and load in safe mode and from the original xp pro disk i have, and nothing. It won't boot at all. The store told me my power supply most likely power spiked my board and that's why i lost usb. They said that is just the start of a motherboard begining to fail. I thought it was my hd but they figured not.

I guess i could post this in the help section too, but right now i'm figuring i need to build a new system. Please help if you can. Oh, and i don't know how to reset the cmos? Thanks,
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