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Originally Posted by lpfan4ever View Post
Like I said before, I only think this chip is useful for something like when people who get another GPU as a gift, and it's a different brand. Would much rather stick to Crossfire or SLI.
I donno, I would have to see statistics comparing the two. I personally think if you take the $200 dollar overhead on that board, and put it into better video cards you would get better results. It is cool in theory, but probably doesn't deliever for the cost.

I don't like intel and the big bang motherboard was only for intel, so it ruled that option out for me.

Yeah for Christmas, my parents gave me a ATI video card, and my Girlfriend gave me a Nvidia card. I couldn't return them for some reason. They have done that for the last several years now, so I'll plan ahead this year and get a big bang motherboard.
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