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Default Need suggestions for $800 build

Hi guys, i'm a new member here. I found the site and started reading and figured there is some knowledgeable guys on here so i decided to register. Anyways, my 5 year old amd dfi nforce 4 system crapped out on me a few days ago and i'm in need of a new computer. My usb keyboard stopped working and the computer wouldn't boot, and after determining that it still wouldn't boot with an older style round pin keyboard connector, i was told that it's most likely my mobo is hooped.

So here i am, i have about $800 give or take to build myself another system that will hopefully last another 5 years or so. I've read that the new amd x6 chips are coming out soon and i might go that route. I don't really play games any more, but i might in the future, but nothing too serious. I basically want a fast multi tasking computer that will handle everything i throw at it and keep its performance for some time. The gf and i download movies, edit pictures/music etc. and just browse the internet on it. I will overclock it short of it's failure limit, but i like to squeeze out extra speed for my $.

So as mentioned i was thinking of that x6 cpu, a gigabyte board but not sure which one, 4 gig of memory perhaps the gskill ripjaws, a new ps, and a new hd. For harddrives i noticed the wd 640 black sata III 6gps for $60. I have my coolermaster praetorian case that i love for it's looks and construction but i'm not sure if you guys think i should upgrade to something like the antec 300. I'll also need windows 7 premium, and maybe a cpu cooler?? I can't remember if the cpu comes with one?

Sorry for the long post. If you guys could put together the best performing system for my approximate budget it would be appreciated.
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