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My System Specs


Great choice in notebook!
These things are killer little beasties. Make sure to throughly test your sound with a good set of headphones/speakers and THEN your onboard speakers. There have been some issues with the creative driver set on these. I despise creative, so their drivers were gone on my first clean install.

This is the only thing with my computers that I have not had a single tinge of buyers remorse with, usually I get it badly. Which is good, keeps me from blowing 1700 dollars on tri-sli BS on a whim!

Battery life isn't terrible when you consider what you are getting. Turn your brightness down a touch, and shut down background programs I get 2-2.5 hours just typing away. Usually 2 hours with Wifi on.

But ya, the best thing you can do for yourself is test it heavily. Don't OC. And anything weird that happens, get it fixed asap while you can! Solid laptop, but defects happen.
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