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oh... well i thought you built this for him. Surely you know where the power switch gets plugged into on the mobo? The HDD led, Speaker, Reset, etc all get plugged into the same spot. Use the cases switch if you are unsure I guess. It will be on the manual where this stuff is plugged into. If you are unsure about how to do this perhaps

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. download the manual from asus in pdf format. I'm sorry I cannot access my FTP at the moment so i cannot upload any picture type directions.

Bottom left corner is where the power switch gets plugged into.. you just need to short the 2 pins that are the power switch with a screwdriver or a

jumper (little white thing in picture) Your motherboard probably has several of these things on it already. Grab one off an old board or something.

Basically just touch the TWO pins with something metal and it fires up the mobo.
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