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You will need a speaker. Having spares obviously helps but let me re-state my post.

Pull the board out and place it on a motherboard box or something cardboard. Cardboard doesn't conduct electricity. Yank everything off the motherboard... all the cards, ram, cpu. Everything.
Plug it in to the power suply and boot it up... this can be done with a screwdriver by shorting the power switch jumpers on the mobo... the one you plugged the wire in to the case on/off switch. You can also use a jumper from an IDE hdd if you want.... either way thats how you can turn on a psu with no switch connected. If you use a jumper don't leave it on after the power is on.

If nothing happens its dead.... if it beeps like crazy its alive.
Then do the cpu... make sure the HSF is properly secured (don't mess around without the HSF ok)
Boot the pc... should beep at you because it has no video and no ram.
then do it with the CPU and ram no video
if it beeps then do it with the video card (monitor connected)
finally try it with the video card and cpu with no ram installed.

each of these configs will have beeps for each component that is missing or not working.

if nothing happens when you have nothing plugged in the board is more than likely fried... and chances are he's been powering down the computer incorrectly which almost NOBODY will ever admit.

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