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Ok well I'm wondering how many posts are from people that actually use this feature or not. I've had IT friends relay that when they reboot/shutdown servers that are "always on" sometimes bad things happen and erroring to the side of caution isn't a bad thing; can't have it all though, sometimes powering down a server has to happen. Hense they all full back up their servers before a major shut down. Now I realize we aren't talking about a server but there are some people here that never turn their computers off so the reality isn't that much different. A computer is still a computer. I have personally seen 3 computers die from power downs from an "Always On" enviroment. The last one ran for 2.5 straight years and was only powered down during power failures or to be cleaned. I have photos of the dead capacitors somewhere. You will most definately shorten the lifespan of anything in constant use compared to something that is only powered on when needed. Arguing this point is a complete waste of time and effort...

2/ I have used the hibernate option in XP media center edtion and it has recently come to my attention that this slowly but surely competely ruins the OS install. Without fail I have had to re-install the OS once per year for the last 4 years straight hense the last round has had the hibernate option completely disabled... screw that noise.

3/ Sleeping is good to save power obviously but you are relying on the hopes that between the time you sleep and wake up (split seconds) nothing gets corrupted. I reckon you are better off just power down the computer and like someone else stated as the SSD boots pretty fast anyway.... 2 second boot and possible future OS corruption or 10 second boot unlikely OS corruption... the choice would be simple for me.

I can tell you that I do not hibernate my HTPC any longer because the re-install process takes 2days + and then there's configuration bullshit to deal with after. This post is based on real world knowledge... it is not a guess or a suggestion.
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