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Default Computer Not booting 2 months old- Help

Hey guys,I Built my friend a couple about 2 1/2 months ago with the following specs.
Asus p6t delxue v2
Core I7 920 /Do -stock
6 gb ddr g.skill ram
corsair 750 modular powersupply
ati 5770
western digital 1tb hdd.

He said his pc was turning on but nothing was displaying on the screen? He tried couple restarts said the pc eventually wont even boot.Mobo light is on but hte fans dont turn on or anything.Also he said his fan s would rapidly spin and slow down when the pc was trying to bootup.Night before pc turned off fine. My friend barley uses his pc ever. Doesnt even game on it.. So having something overheat is out of the question 10% pc power is ever used, so im kind of confused where to begin.

I told him to check ram was seated in properly and swap them. Nothing still dead
Take HDD - still dead?.

So now basically Powersupply is dead? Faulty Mobo ? Cpu? has issues?. Whats going on what should we do ?. Also anyone know how the asus mobo is suppose send beeps? Is there something we need to plug into to hear beeps? We never got beeps ever.
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