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My System Specs


Not sure how I oversaw this, but here's what you can do:

For the new wireless router, connect a cable to another port on your modem and attach it to any LAN port on the router. This way the wireless router will basically just be a wireless access point. Configure it by disabling DHCP and changing the router IP to something in the same range as the modem. For example, if your modem is, set the router to be Then setup all the various wireless security stuff on the wireless router to ensure things are protected. I suggest WPA2-AES if her laptop supports it, with randomly generated characters.

To make things more secure, disable SSID broadcast (could be called Visible/Invisible, you want Invisible), and enable MAC address filtering to only allow your laptop.

This way everything will be able to communicate just like how it currently is, only that you'll have wireless support now too.

If you want though, you could totally isolate wireless by connecting it's WAN port to a LAN port on your modem. However the laptop won't be able to communicate with the desktop at all, but should be able to access the Internet fine.
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