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For such a small forum, we make a big impact on the tech scene. Well I shouldn't say "we" I really mean the reviewing staff and website managers. You guys have really out done yourselves and this site gets noticed in the bussiness. The reviews are honest and practical. The staff are approachable and intelligent, the forum members are polite and knowledgeable and funny to boot.

My wish for this site is to become huge, which means more revenue for the hard working staff which will give them access to resources to do more reviews and to travel to more events for better coverage. But at the same time I like that it is small, because the community has a real good vibe, it's like living in a nieghborhood were you can leave your doors unlocked. Bigger is better for the bottom line but I hope we don't lose our identity. Make no mistake this site is going to be huge and it will expand, perhaps a print magazine? hint hint nudge nudge.

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