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My System Specs

Default BF BC2 Load times

Weirdness happening here.

Old System:
Intel Q9650 @ 4.0Ghz, 4Gig DDR 1066, EVGA GTX280 x2 (SLI)

New System
Intel i7 920 @ 4.2Ghz, 6 Gig 1333, EVGA GTX480 SC

When loading maps for BC2, it takes longer on the new system.. before it would load the maps almost instantly between rounds (and the start of rounds).. now, when i'm playing Rush the players are already setting charges when I start the map.

I have the same OCZ 120 vertex ssd, same OS (Win7 x64)

I've disabled HT, have latest video drivers and installed the latest chipset drivers for the MB.
Anyone have any idea what is causing the delay? I've googled around and searched, couldn't find anything.

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