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Originally Posted by lcdguy View Post
if it were me i would seriously look at something from dell/ibm. Why you may ask. Both IBM and Dell have global part warehouses and excellent turnaround time for those who purchase the complete care/accidental damage protection. It would suck for you to get your new laptop. show up in qatar and find the lcd cracked.
Dell yes, but IBM is now only really good in business laptops, for mainstream/gaming you really want to look for Dell, Asus, Acer isn't too bad, it's a hit and miss. HP I won't consider, if you can afford a Toshiba go for it, they are very good laptops, and as well as Lenovo, their support is awesome. I'm not dissing MSI, but since they are almost unknown in the laptop industry, I would avoid them, I would also avoid Samsung.

Might also want to consider Sony, they really started getting their sh!t straight and getting really nice laptops, also their customer support has improved.

But I'll stick to my original recommendation, anything from Asus in gaming is your best bet, their 1yr accidental coverage warranty should be a selling point by itself, no other company offers that for free.

If you're getting Dell, avoid their Insiprons, go for their Studio Line or XPS line, much better build quality, especially their Studio Line, the chassis is well built, and the price is pretty darn good, anything more powerful than that, you'd be looking into stepping in the XPS or Alienware line.
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