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Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
A question sort of based on my other question.

Say on other forums, would you be more inclined to register if the registration process was very simple, even if you may never visit there again?

All you had to do was put in a username, password and email and you could post right away?

Or is your decision to register entirely based on the community and your impressions of it and when you decide to register you don't care about how lengthy or annoying the process is?

Also would you be more inclined to register for a forum if you KNEW there were sections of the forum you couldn't access without registering?
The forum is what matters to me, not the registration process. If I'm interested in joining the forum, then I'll join it regardless of what I have to go through to register (providing it isn't unreasonable).

I only visit forums I register at and I only register at forums I'm interested in. So I'll register at a forum I want to visit anyways, whether or not there are sections that I can't view without having registered first.
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