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Default Nvidia GTS 250 or?

I was looking at this card:

EVGA 01G-P3-1158-TR GeForce GTS 250 1GB

I'm trying to find it for cheaper, though. Would it be worth it to go to 512MB or does the 1GB help improve the card? The resolution on my monitor is 1680x1050.

I was wondering if i should go for Nvidia because I'm a Linux user although I use Windows 50% of the time lately. But, ATI in Linux sounds like it's a neverending PITA and I fear I'd be spending loads of time configuring the driver, experimenting on the "other" driver (in Linux, there is a binary driver and an open source driver) and then dealing with other issues as they effect 3D, video players and settings among other video-related stuff.

I would like to go with ATI and the HD 5770 seems ideal. I don't know whether I should choose an older architecture in the Nvidia card which is certain to work 100% and I can do whatever I wish IN BOTH Windows and Linux or take a chance with an ATI card. The HD Radeon 5770 is better than the GTS 250 for almost everything but this is in Windows.

The HD 5770 card is about $160 and up. The Nvidia cards are between $110 and $150 with $130 (after rebate) allowing me to get a brand name EVGA card. I read that the step-up program is only eligible when you upgrade the card soon after you buy it. So, I doubt that would work out since Fermi is going so slow and I won't be able to afford a 470.

What should I doooooooo?!?

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