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I'm not all that sure 8x PCIE lanes are a deficit on a budget board. Even 2 8x is a lot of bandwidth when you talk about about SLI with 2 midrange/low range GPU's... In fact, I've been looking for hard numbers I can trust for SLI and Crossfire in terms of uptake and no one really has them (gartner, Meta etc) . But what I do know is the vast majority of these systems are installed with ONE card. Personally, I'm looking for a solid board that will let me OC a yorkie without breaking the bank and doesn't have features I don't want or need. The price of the top line boards is a joke and I think the 680/780 chipsets are lousy (remember I just want to OC the crap out the proc) . AMD has some good value clocking boards around for under 80 bucks with no fancy features. I'd be happy to buy a board that offered the same to my Intel chips that was a 1/3 the price of a Maximus even if it is based on an older chipset.

Sky's review FTW :)
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