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Default Need a new CPU, short dilemma

Not sure whether to post this here, or in another section.

So this is essentially for my work computer. Using photoshop, video encoding and just regular tasks.

I also need a motherboard and case, but I'll be spending about $60 on a cheap mATX gigabyte/asus/msi for either option.

CPU (Processor)
So far I'm boiling it down to a few options for CPU choices.
AMD II 245 (2.9ghz dual core)
Intel E5300 (2.6ghz dual core)

The e5300 is slightly more expensive (by a range of $5-$10 during regular sales), but I have an arctic cooler freezer pro Rev1 (not Rev 2.0) that I can use for the lga775 socket. I'll likely do some mild overclocking as well.

Trying to decide which cpu (which will also determine a motherboard choice) to go for on the cheap.
Are they equal in terms of application performance? I will not be gaming on this machine.

For reference, I'll be buying from NCIX. Maybe the weekly sale up tonight will determine my choice though. lol
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