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Well it depends but I have used different sized monitors before. It's not bad for work I didn't really mind. But WS was not really around back then so it was two 4:3 screens. If your 19" is 1280x1024 than either a 20"WS or a 22" WS are both the closest vertical resolution to 1024 (1680 x 1050). And the 20" is probably going to be closest in actual physical size as well.

I have bought the 20" version of that LG you mentioned for a friend. I can't say there are TN panels I really like, they all look a little lack luster to me but the 20" one is very popular and my bud likes it. I think it is also the monitor used at VS Gaming where our HWC member Cptn. Vortex can be found. Maybe he can give you a better review of it?

Also 2ms response time is really not that great a feature. Really colour reproduction is by far the most crucial. Response times and other LCD features are also not reported in a standard way by all manufacturers, so you really need to do a little more research or see them close up in person on a dedicated machine to make a good choice.

Just my 2 cents. Cheers
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