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My Home Theater. Acoustically treated and fully sound-proofed. The room is decoupled from the house.

My noise floor is so low in there that people always tell me they ''feel strange'', since they are not used to ultra low noise floor like that. Like one of my audiophile friend told me (a reviewer for an audio magazine) when listening to music in that room: ''it's like the sound is coming from a black-hole of silence''. :)

Bass-trap in all the corners, and in the columns. Owans-Corning 703 (where needed, 1st reflection, etc) under Gilford of Maine, all over the room. Over 50000 staples. The stage is also full of sand and decoupled form the floor and walls. The room is 24 feet long and ceiling is 11 feet high. :)

There is bass-shakers in all the Lazy-Boy. Rockin!

Thee is a heatpump only for this room, so the air circulation is independant. There is also a dedicated electric panel coming from the street only for the HT. So no electric ''noise'' coming from the house. There is like 6 20A breakers in there. :)

My wife is sleeping just on the other side of the wall, and I'm watching a movie at 120 db! There is a brick wall separating the house from the HT. :)

Front view.

Back view. All my equipement is beyond the door to be sure the LEDs are not killing my ANSI CR. :)

With motorized 2.35:1 masking system.

And the ''casual'' HT. Pioneer Elite Kuro Pro-111FD 9G. Fully calibrated with i1 Pro.

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