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My System Specs


I'm using the command line client, so the WU files are kept in the install directory. I removed those as I uninstalled. (I also checked my AppData\Roaming, and there is no F@H folder there, since it is command line and not systray.)

You may still be right in assuming this is a F@H problem, since I can't seem to start the "death counter" with OCCT, but 1 split-second of folding will freeze my computer, BUT ONLY IF I CLOSE FAH.

Blaargh it looks like the issue was caused by AMD Overdrive... I that forgot I set a profile to try to set the core affinity for FAHCORE_11.
I disabled the whole "AMD Smart Profiles" thing and it looks like the issue disappeared. I'll leave it overnight (since my GPU can easily finish more than 1 WU in 8 hours) and see if that was the fix.

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