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My System Specs


Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
This was a much needed upgrade but I still think their high end computers are well over priced. Same with high end dell's though.

No USB 3, they don't need HDMI as they can just sell you an adapter for display port. No blueray support either which is very odd because one of Mac's features is better media. Their GPU's still suck. Stupid that you have to pay a lot more to get a anti glare screen.

By far biggest fail is their 13" macbook pros as they are still C2D. If you are spending over a grand you better get at least Core i5.

Although they do have very good battery life. Overall I am unimpressed. I think Apple is slipping probably because they are in so many markets.
Well most of the people with 13" is just because they didn't want to have the 'white' macbook and wanted a 'aluminum' one (yay for apple sales guys) and will do the usual "internet" routine on their computer... browsing, mail, youtube, etc and won't never need that much power.

The dual core is -plenty- for normal use with OSX.

And no they are not in so many markets... for their mac* series, they are still targetting the same old people I stated a few post above.
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