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My System Specs

Default Start FAH, Stop FAH, Start FAH, FREEZE!

Hey all,

It looks like I failed some OC attempt, and now I have some very strange behaviour with respect to Folding@Home on my Radeon 4870 (rig specs below). Any ideas on where I should start? It looks like my PC is still Prime95 stable but F@H hard-freezes it.

Last night, I was trying to push a little more of an OC out of my Phenom 9950 + Asus M3A78-T (both of which not the greatest overclockers), so I tried out a setting I believe was bus 230MHz, multi 12 (2760 MHz). To my horror, while I was running OCCT-Linpack, the CPU temp shot to 95 Celsius, and I discovered my CPU fan had stopped spinning!
After a CMOS reset (and verifying the fan was spinning), I tried again at 225 x 11 (ya I know it's below stock but I wanted to see if the HT link was stable), and that passed 8 hours of Prime95 Blend test, which I did under Linux 64.

When I booted back into Windows, I noticed the following behaviour, which persists AFTER a CMOS reset and setting everything back to stock:
  1. Start F@H, and wait for it to start folding (as in GPU usage goes >50%).
  2. Stop F@H by clicking CTRL+C (in the command line).
  3. Within 1 minute, computer hard-freezes (no input, num-lock on corded keyboard unresponsive).
The above procedure is repeatable. I also tried refreshing the folding WU, and attempting to reinstall F@H.

Any idea why this is happening, and why it only occurs if I'm starting or stopping F@H?
What kind of tests should I start with to find the issue? I have a bunch of DDR2 + PCI-E rigs in my house so I can swap just about everything except the CPU into other rigs. (My dad's PC is AM2 but I doubt his motherboard can take a Phenom 9950 without failing spectacularly).

EDIT - looks like I didn't update my system specs, so I'll just post them:
CPU: Phenom 9950 125W
Motherboard: Asus M3A78-T
RAM - 8 GB: 2x OCZ Fatal1ty + 2x OCZ Platinum; all 4 sticks are rated 2.1V, DDR800 5-4-4-18
Case: Coolermaster Elite 330 modded with 2 extra 80mm intakes
HDD: Samsung F1 1 TB, Seagate 7200.11 500 GB
PSU: Seasonic M12 600W
GPU: Asus 4870 DK TOP, 512MB

EDIT 2 - It looks like I don't actually have to start F@H again to freeze the computer. It's just that stopping folding starts a "countdown" until it freezes my computer.
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