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Originally Posted by stoanee View Post
I think it is a glitch, clicking on it shows back ordered.
It is indeed, just talked to sales rep, no stock, on order though.

I agree RJ on the "somethings amiss with my MB/CPU/Ram to not let me get the e8400 to overclock better" (I paraphrase), but I'll say right out, I'm a noob when it comes to OC'ing, and I've not spent the time at it that I should.

And I've been planning the jump to I7 now for a while, my system is due for it. I was just trying to eek out another 12-18 months on the 775 socket whilst I pay for our kitchen reno. But then, am I gonna see that much of a perf gain going from 8800gt-SLI to a GTX470? Or am I just jumping a little too quick at DX11 when most of the games I run are either DX9 or 10... And what about using one of my 8800GT's as a physx card with the GTX4xx? Is that a worthwhile setup for me? I'm just all twisted here!!!

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