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Well I originally think a rep system like the ones at OCN would encourage people to post and start knowledge threads and share information with there findings and such. But with the the results we all can see that HCF folks think and post a lot more negative than positive.

As we all know the most view section is the BST section then its the OT. Every where else lacks forum involvement and information sharing. Trying to find some decent info or a product discussion is almost impossible to be found at HCF maybe except for the ones been reviewed by the staffs. Two years ago it was the same and now its still the same.

And if HCF is as MATURE as MOST of you stated then you know a rep system would help since we're all MATURE people and not having worry about an abuse, right?

I just find it amusing at other sites with people having there first few post with a really helpful thread just to get some recognition, HCF on the other hand, its mostly trolls.

Well its just me again ranting away.
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