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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
2 x 470 SLi will be fine PROVIDED you're OC'ing your E8400 to at least 3.8 Ghz...4 - 4.1 Ghz would be better...any less that 3.8 Ghz will "choke" your 470 SLi config....if your not OC'ing your E8400 SLi 470's would be a complete waste of $$$, another factor of course is what Res you run.
Exactly my concern. I have a hard time OC'ing my current CPU, it gets wiggy about 3.4-3.5. So I'm leaning towards just getting the one new card and replacing my processor to get another couple years out of my current 775 setup. I can always get a second card down the road if it looks like the quad core will overclock well for me. Does this make sense?

I currently have a Benq 24" and run at 1920 x 1200.
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