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Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
From what I have seen so far regarding SLI testing of 470's, you do NOT want to go that route.

If you really want a dual GPU system, stick with ATI for now.

Otherwise a single GTX 470 would an excellent upgrade. Though dropping $300-$350 on a Quad Core, to be brutally honest, for gaming and general use, isn't likely to net you a whole ton of performance improvement, at least imo no $350 worth.
I think you're missing something here, I have an SLI board, not crossfire, and actually the few GTX470 SLI reviews out there say that the SLI scaling is fabulous. Couple that with the reports of new owners that the cards are actually alot cooler and quieter in real world systems than was initially thought, the GTX470 SLI, for me, is very attractive. My issue is not ATI vs. Nvidia here, it's whether my CPU will bottleneck me.

I had a look at the CPU charts, and ran through the benchmarks quickly Gaming performance between the two CPU's is 15-25% better with the quad core. I think that is significant. If I couple that with a single GTX470, I might be looking at a 50% performance boost over my current system. But you're right is it worth the extra $350? ARGGGHHHH!!! I hate these decisions!!!

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