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Originally Posted by Mr. Friendly View Post
interesting board with a well done review, but I have a few thoughts on it. 1) even tho it's a budget minded board, it's usually nice to put it up against higher quality components, to show where it actually falls in the pack.
Considering our fair AkG just upgraded from all AMD systems, this was the best we could do. Stay tuned NEXT time.....

the second is a bit bigger as a budget board would never run a quad core,
I don't agree. As quads become more and more affordable, people are starting to put them in more budget-oriented boards.

but it sure would run something a lot better then a 6200. it would have been a lot better to get your hands on a HD2400 or 8400GS. :)
Once again, I don't agree. No matter what GPU you use, performance will scale accordingly. Some people will use the 6200, some will use the 2600 and still others may use 8800-series cards. We can't predict what EVERYONE will use.
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